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Hickory Summit

Hibachi and Yakitori Tabletop Grill Set

Hibachi and Yakitori Tabletop Grill Set

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Mini, Modular, and Manageable

You like your propane grill, but sometimes it seems like too much for your needs, and it’s a pain to transport to tailgates. Simplify your cookout with your portable hibachi kit from Hickory Summit. Use your hibachi grill for Japanese, European, Australian, and American rustic cuisines. Enjoy a fun, intimate, and efficient grill that you can set up on your outdoor dining table, a brick or concrete platform, or your pickup truck’s tailgate.

Your Grill, Your Rules

Set up your modular hibachi stove to handle all your go-to grilled goodies. Mix and match 2 grill grates, a flattop, and 12 pointy skewers to cook steak and eggs, brats with diced onions, patty melts with toasted buns, grilled potatoes and bits of bacon, and more—the possibilities are endlessly delicious! Nest your top pieces in slots around the rim that hold everything in place. Includes a heat resistant silicone mat for your table.

Built to Last

With proper care, your yakitori grill for charcoal grilling should last for years. All the metal pieces except the flat top are made of stainless steel. Wash the grill by hand and put the grates, skewers, and heat mat in the dishwasher. Treat your raw steel flattop like a cast-iron griddle; season it with oil as needed and never wash it with soap.

Hickory Summit

Let us help you upgrade the way you manage fire for warmth and food. We’re an American family company based in St. Louis on a mission to bring you table top charcoal grills that blend modern and traditional features into a grill you’ll truly love.

Grill small and live large with Hickory Summit.

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